Thursday, March 6, 2008


The AVT transports cars and their passengers in private quiet train compartments that have air conditioning, restrooms and entertainment centers. The AVT is designed to be simple to use and enjoyable to ride. You simply drive into a station, park your car, select your destination, and you and your car are automatically loaded onto a train and transported to your destination. On arrival you simply start your car and drive away.

This is how it works.

There are elevated guideways on each side of the highway on which the AVT Trains run continuously - every 8 seconds during rush hour. Cars with their passengers are loaded onto passing trains by shuttles while the trains are moving. Each guideway will transport over 10,000 cars per hour because the trains do not stop at stations.

Shuttles pick up parked cars from Departure Stations, catch up with a passing train, dock with the train and transfer the car with their passengers onto the train. Shuttles also transfer cars from moving trains and park them in Arrival Stations. Shuttles travel on a separate guideway loop that services Departure and Arrival Stations on both sides of the highway.

There is a similar shuttle system in operation today that loops over the I-15 in Primm Nevada. It connects casinos on the east and west side of the highway with automatic people movers instead of AVT Shuttles.

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