Monday, March 17, 2008

Freedom Ship - The Most Advanced Freedom Project Yet

n conception, 'Freedom Ship' seems to be one of the most advanced freedom projects I know of. It's a project to build a huge ship, three times as long as the Empire State Building is tall -- 4310 ft. long, 725ft. wide. It will have a superstructure, rising 25 stories above its deck. It will have space for at least 50,000 residents, 15,000 personnel, and 20,000 guests and visitors.

It will be powered by 100 diesel engines and will circle the world once every two years. About 25% of the time it will be underway at sea, and about 75% of the time it will be holding in-place in coastal waters near major cities.

Other features of 'Freedom Ship':

  • A commercial center with a free-enterprise economy.
  • Residential and commercial condominiums.
  • High-quality, fresh food and clean water.
  • $200,000,000 hospital.
  • Superb safety and security.
  • Excellent banking and communication facilities.
  • 3,800 ft. airplane landing strip.
  • Fleet of commuter aircraft and hydrofoils.
  • Duty/tax-free shopping.
  • Educational, recreational, and entertainment facilities.
  • Modest cost of living.

Check out for more details. [If you decide to reserve a condominium -- no obligation -- no funds being solicited -- please specify "Boston Tea Party II-FM" as your Sales Agent.]

I don't know whether the people behind 'Freedom Ship' have their act sufficiently together to succeed. It's a lot easier to put up a sophisticated website than to build a huge ship. Nevertheless, I'm highly impressed with what I've seen so far and with my limited contact with people involved in the project.

I've heard a rumor that 'Popular Mechanics' is working on an extensive article on 'Freedom Ship,' possibly with a picture on the front cover. If this comes about, it could boost interest and reservations substantially.

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