Thursday, March 27, 2008

Plasma TV: Tips

Plasma TVs are expensive pieces of technology that deserve great care from you. Treat it well, and the wad of cash you spent on your plasma display will go a long way; treat it bad, and count your dough as money spent unwisely. Here are some tips to help you lengthen your plasma television’s lifespan.

  • Don’t set the contrast to a high level. Keep it as low as possible!
  • Related to the previous tip, if possible do your TV viewing in a dimmer room. Here, a lower contrast setting for your plasma TV will be perfectly fine.
  • Read the instructions manual for your plasma display carefully. Each unit from different manufacturers can differ in specifications, so reading up on those papers will be worth it.
  • It’s not advisable to leave still images on the plasma display as they can cause burn in.
  • Keep your plasma TV free of dust.
  • As with every glass product, TV, and monitor, take care when handling or transporting your plasma display panel. That sleek thing is fragile, you know.
  • Remember that the plasma television is an electronic device. Keep water away from it, at all costs. You don’t want to fry both yourself and the TV, right?
  • Because water is a no-no, just use anti-static cleanser and cloth when cleaning your plasma display’s screen. Static electricity is a definite enemy of the plasma unit.
  • When mounting a plasma TV on a wall, don’t do it alone – ask for the help of a second person. Just make sure your wall anchors are level with each other, and securely attached.
  • Use a surge protector with your plasma television. There’s no use skimping on one if your TV gets fried by electrical storms.

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