Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sony Bravia KDL-40D3500

What’s inside your BRAVIA TV?

Technologies that make a difference

Selected BRAVIA TV models offer important benefits.

Motionflow +100Hz

Motionflow doubles the frame rate by creating brand new pictures

Go with the flow

Standard on BRAVIA X series models and the BRAVIA D3000 model, Motionflow +100Hz technology has a really important job. It captures all the detail and drama of fast-moving action scenes, such as sports, and makes them ultra smooth.

Motionflow works by doubling up the number of frames you see on screen. New ones are inserted into fast-moving sequences, like the flight of a ball for instance, to smooth out the motion.

Based on information it gets from the before and after frames in every sequence, Motionflow cleverly creates brand new pictures to do this. So existing frames aren’t just copied and doubled up.

24p True Cinema

The reel thing

Thanks to 24p True Cinema technology, our BRAVIA X, W, V and D series models take feature film quality to a new level as well.

Modern film-makers shoot their films using 24 frames per second (24Hz, or 24p) and record them onto High Definition Blu-ray Disc™ using this format.

But conventional televisions and projectors (and most DVDs) operate at 50Hz.

To display the film, they have to double the original number of frames by duplicating existing ones and speeding the film up, which noticeably distorts synchronisation. They even raise the pitch of the actors’ voices.

24p True Cinema matches the original speed to capture the power and quality of the studio recording.

The 24p format is detected by your Blu-ray Disc player or PLAYSTATION®3 and outputted directly to the TV in 24 frames per second. What you see is exactly how it was originally recorded.

Cinema Mode and Theatre Mode

Cinema Mode preserves the mood and dramatic effects of movie content

Studio-standard films

Cinema Mode has been developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment as an optimal picture setting for movie content.

Cinema mode is found on BRAVIA X, W, V, D, P and U series models plus the T3000 model and S3000 model.

When you select Cinema Mode with your remote it automatically adjusts your BRAVIA TV to better preserve the mood and detail intended by the filmmaker.

Picture quality is more natural and colour reproduction is more accurate, as if you were seeing it through the director’s camera.

But don’t be fooled, Cinema Mode is not designed to over-enhance colour and contrast or give it a super slick overlay. Far from it.

Instead, it brings you closer to the film experience just as it was meant to be enjoyed in the cinema.

Your BRAVIA will prevent dark scenes from becoming too bright, and it will maintain the appearance of film grain where the filmmakers intended.

An authentic home cinema experience at the touch of a button

Authentic film-quality

Theatre Mode goes one step further to give you authentic film-quality.

Theatre mode is also found on BRAVIA X, W, V, D, P and U series models plus the T3000 model and S3000 model.

Thanks to a combination of the Cinema Mode picture setting and several other unique Sony technologies, movies played back at home take on all the authenticity of the big screen.

One press of the Theatre button on the remote automatically turns on both Cinema Mode and 24p True Cinema. Motionflow +100Hz is switched off to preserve the original cinema experience.

But most important is BRAVIA Theatre Sync; a link up tool between all your home cinema components via HDMI with CEC.

By pressing the Theatre button on the remote commander, it turns the sound off on the TV and connects with any external sound component through HDMI.

You can control your entire cinema system with only one remote commander.

So there you have it. Three ultra powerful technologies doing amazing things behind the scenes in your BRAVIA TV without giving you a single clue that they’re there. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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