Saturday, March 15, 2008

SONY BRAVIA Technology

BRAVIA typifies what Sony television stands for - the best resolution, the best audio, fully digital and of course the best picture, driven by BRAVIA Engine Picture Enhancement System.

The BRAVIA range offers the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and contemporary free flowing design

BRAVIA Breakthrough Technology


BRAVIA engine is what makes a Sony BRAVIA totally unique. But what is BRAVIA Engine - In short it is a suite of image processing technologies that act as a total digital processing studio. It works to improve the image quality from any signal. As a result, you will see clearer, sharper and more natural images especially relevant when watching standard definition or a Freeview signal

In Addition to the standard BRAVIA engine, there are 2 enhanced versions available


BRAVIA Engine EX: Also has further noise reduction, super enhanced contrast and advanced natural colour. It also features Digital Reality Creation (DRC), which up-scales standard definition inputs by quadrupling the number of pixels in the image source to create HD picture quality

BRAVIA Engine Pro

BRAVIA Engine Pro: Is the highest form of BRAVIA Engine. In addition to the benefits of BRAVIA Engine EX, BRAVIA Engine Pro features advanced Digital Reality Creation (DRC) which further enhances high definition inputs such as from Sky HD, to give clearer and sharper HD images

Motionflow +100Hz

Conventional LCD Televisions show 50 pictures, or frames, a second (50Hz). Sony's unique Motionflow +100Hz system, which is introduced with the new D-series, doubles the amount of pictures shown to 100 per second (100Hz).
Standard 100Hz Technology can create motion blur or a judder in the picture, however Sony's unique Motionflow +100Hz system combats and eliminates this by intelligently manufacturing the additional frames rather than just repeating them

Dynamic Contrast

Dynamic Contrast is the maximum amount of difference between black and white, where as Standard Contrast is the contrast visible on the screen at any one time. A high number is impressive, but it is essential not to forget about the greys in the middle - and that's where Sony is unique with Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE). A unique Sony Algoritm (part of ACE) ensures the subtle shades of grey also remain.

BRAVIA Theatre Sync

All New BRAVIA will feature BRAVIA Theatre Sync, with a single touch of a button; you will be able to control your entire home entertainment system. Essentially it will automatically turn on all components, change input and get sound thus eliminating the requirement for numerous remote controls

Live Colour Creation

Live Colour Creation combines circuitry, backlight and a colour filter to create a picture which is more realistic and a natural fit to the human eye, the result is deeper greens and deeper reds. The consumer benefit is that you can see 30% more colours with "Live Colour Creation".

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