Monday, April 21, 2008

Cosco Next Objective to close gap at $3.34

Next technical objective is to fill gap at $3.34 which is also the gap resistance. Immediate resistance is 20 days EMA . Breakout above this resistance will propel price to cover gap at $3.34 and test the red bold downtrend line. Successful breakout above this major downtrend line will generate greater momentum to challenge 50 EMA resistance line followed by $3.92 and $4.02 . However, if the red downtrend is not clear expect price retracement to retest the $3.00 support.

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Catcher said...

Nice to meet u,thanks for your comment on my blog :)

by the way,I am now working on a project to make a program to simulate a process of Stock Index Futures Hedging. I believe you are an expert in futures~ Could you give me some advice? what kind of data I need,what mathematics model is suitable? Is matlab the best language for this? Thank u~!