Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sony Bravia KDL-40D3500 40in LCD TV

So how come the 40D3500 only earns a 7 for picture quality? Because it suffers more than it really should from that old LCD bugbear of motion blur. And so while static images look superb, whenever anything moves around the screen at any sort of speed - especially if you're watching standard definition - the picture starts to look smeared and indistinct. And no matter what we did with the image's various settings, there wasn't a single thing we could do about it. Grrr.

Moving on to the 40D3500's audio, there's enough raw, distortion-free power to give at least a modicum of satisfaction when watching even a pretty intense action movie. Voices remain clear no matter how loud everything else in the mix is, though as with many LCD TVs, bass feels a little ‘poppy', lacking the sheer depth to really make a good, meaty explosion sound convincing.


In some ways - black levels and colours, at any rate - the 40D3500 continues Sony's forward progression with LCD. But it needs to get its head around this motion-handling business too if it's really to start challenging the very top LCD dogs.

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