Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MWg's Atom V - A Quick Peek

Reacquainted with the Atom

When O2 announced its imminent withdrawal from the Asia Pacific market, it was smartphone enthusiasts who were left with a reality of losing a prominent Windows Mobile device in its wake. Fortunately, the O2 Asia team has taken on the mandate with a new initiative under the Mobile and Wireless Group (MWg), with an impressive lineup for the upcoming months.

For starters, we were presented with their first introduction for the year, the Atom V. Exclusively designed by MWg and being their first of many more releases to come, the Atom V takes on a form much unlike its previous O2 XDA predecessors.

You'll notice the biggest difference on its navigational pad, with softkey buttons seemingly too narrow for comfort.

Adding some bells and whistles to the Atom V is a propriety user interface known as the Atom V Quick Menu. The flushed screen made sense to us when we discovered the ability to scroll through your various applications with the flick of your finger. With the option to mix and match various applications into the Atom V, MWg has a clear direction in providing a unique user interface for consumers.

You have the camera button, scroll wheel and microSD slot situated at the left side of the Atom V, but what's of interest here is ...

... the location of its 2.5mm audio jack, oddly found on the top right, just slightly above the battery casing.


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