Monday, March 24, 2008

Single-chip solution for Full HD 1080p flat-panel TVs

Micronas’ VCT-Premium is the third generation of Micronas’ widely deployed VCT-family of single-chip flat-panel TV processors. Major OEMs have chosen the VCT-platform for their LCD and plasma TVs. Now, the TV market is moving to Full HD 1080p panels, and the VCT-Premium is said to offer the industry’s highest level of integration, thus allowing TV-OEMs significant system cost reduction at state-of-the-art quality to address this important market segment.

The single-chip solution provides the complete electronics platform for a Full HD 1080p TV featuring integrated audio, video, Teletext, OSD, and controller-related functionalities, even memory and program ROM, and a dual input port HDMI receiver. The VCT-Premium has been engineered for maximum picture and sound quality. The chip offers state-of-the-art color processing: In addition to standard color space typically used for PAL or NTSC systems, it can accept content with the new extended color space (xvYCC) and expands the color formats to work with Wide Color Gamut panels. TV-set designers can custom-map colors to their display panel of choice, thus insuring the TV delivers the best possible color.


The VCT-PremiumTM supports worldwide trends towards Full HD 1080p TV and expandability to 120 Hz and new DTV broadcasting formats such as H.264.


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