Monday, April 7, 2008

CES 2008 HDTV Roundup: Hitachi, LG, HP, Sony and JVC Models

High Definition is all the rage and the first day of the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) reflected that trend. Manufacturers lined the exhibition halls with HDTVs each trying to out do the other. Hitachi claiming the World's Thinnest. Others trying to grab the World's Largest, Absolute Crispest, Most Vibrant, and World's Smallest. No one seemed particularly interested in the claiming the title consumers will likely care about the most, World's Cheapest HDTV.

Here is a sampling of some of the notable HDTVs presented at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


Hitachi showed off its 32-inch UT32X802 Ultra Thin plasma display panel coming in at 1 ½ inch in depth, as well as a ¾ of an inch deep LCD panel. Hitachi unveiled 9 new models including 42, 37, and 32 inch models in it;s Director, UltraVision V and S series. To take a virtual tour of Hitachi's booth at CES head on over here

LG Electronics

Continuing the obsession with thinness, LG unveiled it's 42-inch LGX LCD HDTV Super Slim at 1.7 inches deep it is just barley edged out by Hitachi. With 4 new Plasma HDTV displays and 7 other models of LCD HDTVs sporting new features like LED backlighting, and Invisible Speaker design, LG Electronics made a strong showing. The CES innovation awards thought so as well with an Innovations Honoree nod to the LG71 Wireless LCD HDTV Series coming with a separate wireless receiver with a 50-foot radius, allowing you to hang this on just about any wall.


HP, known for its PCs, is making waves with its new MediaSmart Technology. Hp launched a line of 1080p HDTVs with the ability to wirelessly connect to and receive audio and video from PCs and other 802.11 devices in the home. Already have an HDTV? Hp has you covered there as well with its new MediaSmart reciever. Plug it in to you HDTV and instantly stream movies, music, and photos to the big screen from any computer in the house.

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