Monday, April 7, 2008

LG HDTV innovation for 2008

A total of 8 new lines of LCD TV's from the Korean manufacturer LG will showcase three main technological areas of development in 2008.

Building upon existing technological and design innovations LG are focusing on their super slim 1.7in LCD, wireless HDTV models and new LED backlighting technology to forge ahead in 2008.

The LG75 series is a 1.7in super slim design that according to an LG spokesperson, is the "epitome" of elegance. The LG75 comes with a unique 'rose red' tint within the "high-gloss" black finish.

The LG75's LED backlight is partitioned into 128 light-emitting diodes which enables local dimming to provide quick response to changing images. An advantage of local dimming ability is reduced energy consumption.

With 47in and 52in models, the LG71 Wireless LCD HDTV Series makes its debut in 2008. The built-in 802.11n Wireless System comes with separate wireless receiver giving a 50-foot radius giving the consumer more flexibility with the positioning of peripheral items.

LG have made a huge impact on the LCD TV market of late, and their latest innovation will surely add to their growing reputation as one of the leading LCD TV producers. LG's new found quality, performance and style is encapsulated by some of their more recent models such as the 32LB75, and their top end LY series of LCD TV's

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