Saturday, April 5, 2008

A review of the Philips 42PFL9632D 1080p HD LCD TV

The Philips 42PFL9632D LCD HD TV is an extremely attractive model, with a slender narrow frame and solid silver stand. The glossy black frame looks very sophisticated and trendy. The depth of the screen is 256mm which makes it a little bit chunky to wall mount, however not impossible.
Simplicity all the way.
We have never seen so many features packed in to a LCD screen (maybe that’s the reason for the chunky depth?). The Philips 42PFL9632 LCD TV has all of the features of any other Plasma or LCD TV rolled in to one. Starting with the LED lighting feature which brings more light and therefore more colours to the image whilst using less power, Philips Perfect Pixel Engine is on board, thankfully. This incorporates the latest 100Hz LCD processing which increases the refresh rate on PAL sources creating an absolutely smooth image. Philips also introduces HD Natural Motion with this model which replaces the previous Digital Natural Motion System. The 42PFL9632 also has a 14 bit colour engine and the ability to display 24 fps from Blu-ray or HD DVD players. There is also a 2 channel Ambilight, 3D Combfilter, Active Control and Light Sensor, Jagged Line Supression, Progressive Scan, Widescreen Plus, Anti-Reflection Coating and 2x 8w speakers. Connectivity is good with 3 HDMI’s sockets, component video, 2 RGB SCARTs, S-Video, USB port and more.

Philips Ambilight 42PFL9632 LCD HDTV

The Philips 42PF9632 LCD TV - Stunning in every way

We found the Philips 42PFL 9632 LCD TV extremely easy to use and we were impressed with the level of simplicity it came with. There are loads of options to suit your personal taste, to select the colour, brightness and warmth for example and these can then be saved to your personal setting. This setting can then be increased, decreased or even switched off. The images we received from this model were of an extremely high standard and failed to disappoint us at all. The images were vibrant and clear and colours were displayed immaculately, whilst motion judder was eliminated and detail was amazing. The huge size of this set manages to display Freeview images perfectly and is by far the best we’ve seen, however HD images are not as impressive but very close behind.
Overall Opinion
The Philips 42PFL9632 LCD TV has some amazing features which all assist in creating and wonderful model with outstanding images. The HD images could be better but definitely, not worth moaning about. If Freeview is more of a concern to you, you will have no reservations about this TV as the images received are absolutely stunning. The price of the 42PFL9632 is pretty average for a model of this size and is really worth every penny for the splendour you receive.

+ 1920x1080 pixels
+ 100hz Clear LCD
+ 3x HDMI
+ Stunning images
+ Fantastic colour reproduction

- Slightly disappointing HD image but only very slightly.

Picture Quality
Sound Quality
Future Compatibility
Ease Of Use
Overall Rating
* * * * *

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